2018 Doty Designer of the Year Awards

Designer of the Year Awards 2018
(DOTY 2018) presents

Category: Best Interior Design (Commercial)
Award Winner: Archiplan Interior Design

It was a great experience award 2018 DOTY DESIGNER OF THE YEAR. We would like to express our appreciation for those who had made this remarkable moment come true. Best Team Work.

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Office and Factory

Introducing Nature Indoors
As a leading supplier of test equipment and semiconductor tools, Leader Range Technologies Sdn Bhd is dedicated to continual innovation, quality control and contribute to the overall technology industry.

The objective was to create a soothing yet conducive work environment by introducing nature indoors. Raw and eco-friendly materials and finishings are utilised to bring a breath of fresh air to all work and shared space, whereas steel mesh and glass are used as cubicle or room partitions for a minimalist industrial feel that represents the personality of the industry.