2018 Doty Designer of the Year Awards

Designer of the Year Awards 2018
(DOTY 2018) presents

Category: Best Interior Design (Commercial)
Award Winner: Archiplan Interior Design

It was a great experience award 2018 DOTY DESIGNER OF THE YEAR. We would like to express our appreciation for those who had made this remarkable moment come true. Best Team Work.

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Modern European Romance

Ideal Venice Residency offers the romanticism of Venice, Italy in the heart of Island Glades, Penang.

The interior design goal was to recreate the feel of Venice, the city of romance, at the Ideal Venice Residency show unit, embracing prospective homeowners in a modern European style living space. A neutral colour palette was chosen, with a selection of earth tone colours used to highlight feature walls, adding depth and drama to the cosy space. Modern European design elements such as wainscoting, detailed ceiling and pillar mouldings, arches on shelves and feature walls, are all incorporated as part of the interior to mimic a truly Venetian experience.