2018 Doty Designer of the Year Awards

Designer of the Year Awards 2018
(DOTY 2018) presents

Category: Best Interior Design (Commercial)
Award Winner: Archiplan Interior Design

It was a great experience award 2018 DOTY DESIGNER OF THE YEAR. We would like to express our appreciation for those who had made this remarkable moment come true. Best Team Work.

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Burmah Road, Penang

Tropical, Colourful, Flavourful
Flavour Food Steamboat’s dining philosophy is to bring out the wholesomeness and natural tropical flavours of the ingredients without the use of seasonings.

Natural elements such as bamboo and natural granite stone, as well as vibrant colours complement the tropical personality of the outlet and its food. Functional yet innovatively designed features are incorporated – granite stone pots, wicker straw food covers are quirky elements, besides function to better retain the natural aroma of the food. Each food cover is suspended on an overhead railing when not in use, instead of taking up unnecessary table space. The sanded walls and coconut tree motifs accent the overall tropical dining ambience.