2018 Doty Designer of the Year Awards

Designer of the Year Awards 2018
(DOTY 2018) presents

Category: Best Interior Design (Commercial)
Award Winner: Archiplan Interior Design

It was a great experience award 2018 DOTY DESIGNER OF THE YEAR. We would like to express our appreciation for those who had made this remarkable moment come true. Best Team Work.

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Chatime Raja Uda
Raja Uda, Penang

A Cosy Corner for a Cuppa

The word ‘cha’ means ‘tea’, loosely translated, ‘Chatime’ means ‘teatime’. As one of the thousands of outlets globally, Chatime Raja Uda means so much more than just a place for tea – it’s a way of life.

The goal was to create an inviting and cosy space for all guests, to hang out, chill and relax, that is synonymous with the Chatime brand. The storefront logo on a background of greens reflects a soothing and welcoming ambience. Chatime’s corporate colours in elegant purple and subdued earthy tones resonate their signature rich flavours, and are brilliantly applied on the overall build-up, furniture and deco. Plush pillows and inviting arm chairs inspire a cosy corner for a perfect cup of Chatime drink, whereas dynamic zigzag design lines highlight the young, vibrant and energetic environment.